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Neena Bhaskar

Nurturing talent through the power of technology | Change Advocate

Talent professional with experience across HR and Business across industries and segments

E-commerce, Technology


About Neena

My background
I'm a talent professional with extensive experience in HR and Business across industries and segments. I've worked with varied sized organisations and helped startups scale up from scratch.

My experience spans across India, Singapore and Thailand and have been quite instrumental in shaping my career and growth as of today. I do not believe In giving up one for another, rather balancing the scales which is why after I gave birth to my daughter in 2016 I took a sabbatical to raise her but didn't let that come in between my career aspirations. When my daughter turned 18 months, I was offered an exciting opportunity to head HR for a Martech firm headquartered out of Thailand. I took the plunge and decided to take up the opportunity and shuttled between heading up HR amidst the craziness of a startup, to returning to Singapore to spend time with my daughter!
How I can add value
Industry Insights : If you're a startup founder looking to get some insights into how to structure your talent approach and HR policies, I'd be happy to broadly outline the important tasks to be done. If you're a young HR looking for advice on growth, I would be happy to share my journey and challenges.
If you are a start up founder focusing on B2C or retail targeting masses, households, children, parents, happy to share my perspectives from a customer standpoint on your current marketing techniques and what works for an end user.

Working and Parenting : Having been a working parent and having lived in a different country, I would be happy to speak about how to overcome the challenges of working and parenting and being able to bring up this point to your boss or management team.
If you are a parent on sabbatical struggling to come back to work scene and have been getting turned down on roles or being asked to take a pay cut, I am happy to share my experience.
If you are a working parent looking to take a sabbatical to spend time with your child and wondering how it will impact your career or your worth in the industry, talk to me.

Services offered

  • CV and LinkedIn review$150
  • 360 degree people management$150
  • Making a career switch$150
  • Starting and scaling a business$150
  • Working and parenting$150
  • Returning to the workforce$150
  • Relocation$150
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