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What do I need to start making my CV?
It’s really simple! To get started, you should prepare details on your academic qualifications, skills, additional courses or training, list of work experience, any professional references and a summary of yourself.
There are 3 templates to choose from, which is relevant for me?
You can choose any one of the templates that you like - there's one with a picture and one without as well. It’s really easy because all you need is your own information and the template will format everything into a professional looking resume, which you can download and use.
I don’t have all my information on hand, can I start now but save the template and continue to update later?
Unfortunately, we don’t have that feature at this stage. We would recommend getting everything together, and then making your CV. It only takes 10 minutes.
Who gets to see my resume and is it shared outside of Mapped Asia?
This CV is kept safe in our database. In the event you want to delete it from our system, email us at
I have no employment history, should I still proceed to create my CV?
Yes! Every candidate is evaluated based on their own merit. If you do not possess any work experience, focus on your personal and academic strengths instead!
What is the best document format to use for my CV?
You should have a PDF for job interviews. It can be a smaller size and easy to manage. However, keep a Microsoft Word copy as well in case you need to make edits in the future. You can convert your PDF to Word here.
Can I create more than one CV using different templates?
You can make as many versions as you like!
Do I need a photograph and what size do I need?
You can chose to make your CV with or without a picture, since we have both templates available. We recommend making a copy of both. In the event you choose to use a picture, we recommend using a square version (keep the file size less than 500kb). Make sure it’s a clear professional shot instead of a casual picture (or selfie).