Making the most of your mentorship session

By Mapped Asia

Everything you need to know before you go in to meet with your mentor. Be prepared, be curious and be honest!

Before the session

  1. Self Reflect - Understand your own motivations, drivers and challenges

  2. Write down the specific questions that you would like to ask the mentor

  3. Do your research - Learn about the mentors career journey

  4. For a list of excellent questions, check out this Forbes article.

During the session

  1. Show professionalism by being on-time and prepared.

  2. Set up the conversation so that it will be as relevant and valuable as possible for you. Listen more than you speak.

  3. Talk about your professional background and current situation, and clearly state your desired focus for the future.

  4. Provide context to help your mentor understand you. Share your professional goals and, as relevant, your life situation.

  5. Although your mentor doesn’t need to know everything about you, openly share your hopes and fears.

  6. Ask direct questions to learn more about your mentor’s experiences. For example, you can say, “I’d love to learn about your career path” or “What do you realize in hindsight about how you achieved your professional success?”

  7. Establish a mutually agreed-on plan for future mentoring sessions.

  8. DO NOT ask for jobs. This will most definitely be a turn off for your mentor and you don't want to burn bridges.

After the session

  1. Show gratitude for the time taken out and send a thank you note to the mentor

  2. Set a date and time for a follow up call to update on your progress

  3. Review the mentor on Mapped Asia

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