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Supriya Singh

APAC Lead, Data Management at Facebook
0 reviews

Ravi Bhushan

Apple / Bain & Co / SMU / IIM-C
0 reviews

Nimish Varma

Director Projects Marketing at LIXIL Asia Pacific
0 reviews

Michael Lim

Member at New Zealand Chamber (Singapore)
0 reviews

Derek Teo

Ex- PSA and INSEAD HR Manager | Employer branding expert | Bringing out the best in others
0 reviews

Daniele Pigni

BCG Project Leader | People development expert
0 reviews

Jaime Ng

Ex-CMO | Entrepreneur | Growth Accelerator | Digital Transformation
0 reviews

Neena Bhaskar

Nurturing talent through the power of technology | Change Advocate
0 reviews

Vanessa Kenchington

Founder & Director of Plain Vanilla Bakery
0 reviews

Siddharth Kumar

Entrepreneur,, Providing people you can trust.
0 reviews

Frank Maail

Community Builder, Leisure Consultant, Interim Manager
0 reviews

Alan Schmoll

CEO at Zave
0 reviews

Nureen Faiza

Senior Manager, Digital Media Marketing at Tableau Software
0 reviews

Vivek Manoharan

Co-curator at TEDxSingapore, Founding curator at TEDxNTU
0 reviews

Jade Zheng

Talent Acquisition for APAC at Tripadvisor
0 reviews

Judy Ong

Ex-Human Resources Director at McGraw-Hill Education
1 reviews