Yellow Ribbon Project


10-100 employees



Who we are

The Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP) seeks to engage the community in giving ex-offenders a second chance at life and to inspire a ripple effect of concerted community action to support ex-offenders and their families.


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Our story

Initiated in 2004, the Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP) supports ex-offenders in their reintegration back into society. Prior to rebuilding stable and crime-free lives, more than 9,000 ex-offenders face the challenge of overcoming societal discrimination every year.

Our mission

The objectives of the Yellow Ribbon Project summarised in 3'A's:

  • Raise awareness of the need to give second chances to ex-offenders and their families.

  • Generate acceptance of ex-offenders and their families in the community.

  • Inspire community action to support the rehabilitation and reintegration of ex-offenders back into society.

How we help

Through the YRP, we also hope to generate greater awareness of the need for second chances, inspires more Singaporeans to accept ex-offenders into their lives and encourages more to come forward to demonstrate support for the campaign.