The Lo & Behold Group


100-500 employees



Who we are

The Lo & Behold Group is a hospitality company that creates, owns and operates a series of timeless, thoughtful concepts, each with a unique story and a distinct perspective on the cultural-culinary landscape of the time. While each has a language of its own, the properties are united by a carefully considered sense of place, purpose, pioneering design and above all, a commitment to the most awesome experiences for all who walk through our doors - employees, partners and customers alike.


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Our story

The Lo & Behold Group was founded in 2005 by Wee Teng Wen and Daniel He. The term ‘Lo & Behold!’ is often used to herald the original and unapologetically wonderful, a principle we judiciously apply to every concept we develop.

Our mission

We are immensely proud to be serving an industry that allows us to be a visceral part of the human experience. We strive to create experiential destinations and craft awesome experiences for our employees, partners and customers, creating memories that exist beyond our spaces.

Our ambition

We want to be the best in our field at creating meaningful experiences in Asia that would stand the test of time.

"That we will no longer compare ourselves to others, but be a benchmark of comparison for others"

- Wee Teng Wen, Co-founder, The Lo & Behold Group


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