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Who we are

Tagit is Asia's leading digital omni-channel solutions provider. We seamlessly integrate and leverage the existing business of the enterprise or organisation into the mobile universe and create innovative mobile experiences for end customers to increase market reach, speed up time-to-market and protect existing investments.

Millions of users across the globe use Tagit's applications every day. We provide a comprehensive set of award-winning industry-specific digital applications developed on a state-of-the-art mobility middleware platform with standardised, in-built adaptors to back-end and 3rd party systems such as payment gateways and social media networks.

Tagit helps you build next generation digital solutions by incorporating innovation, a superior user experience and robust technology as core of 3 Pillars of a Successful Digital Strategy


Growth Competitive Compensation Culture


Mobile Applications offer enterprises the opportunity to engage and offer new innovative services to their customer that are not possible through traditional physical establishments and online channels.

User experience

UX is core to any mobile strategy and goes beyond just the User Interface Design. Successful mobile applications deliver a User Experience that is both intuitive and engaging – driving the user to do more with the application.


As new technologies evolve in ever faster cycles, and with an explosion of new mobile devices rapidly coming to market, a robust technology stack lays the foundation for a successful mobile strategy.

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