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Human Resources


Who we are

Snaphunt is a recruiting platform that sources, screens and matches talent to roles for a skill & personality fit. We leverage technology to help companies find great talent and people find roles they love. Now live in Singapore.


Work Life Balance Growth Culture

Jobs & talent matched. Intelligently.

We match roles with talent for a skill and personality fit, so that people find jobs they love and companies hire employees who stay longer.

Your personal job search consultant

We aim to deliver value to you from the start. Once your profile is created, we will show you jobs which match your skills and personality. Your profile remains confidential and is only viewed by an employer when you apply for their role. You can apply with just one click and track all your applications in real time.

A smart recruiting solution

Snaphunt leverages psychometric testing and algorithmic analysis based on decades of specialist recruitment experience, to match candidates’ experience, knowledge, skills, personality and motivations to the requirements of the job.