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Human Resources, Technology


Who we are

We believe that people with the right talent, drive and integrity are the foundation of a successful company. However, most HR managers complain about not being able to find effective qualified talent while over 60% have found a lie on a CV. These result in poor hiring decisions which have a direct negative business impact.

With robin, we want to solve this.


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Who we are

We believe that humans cannot be taken out of Human Resources. Technology can make the process faster, transparent, remove manual tasks and enhance decision making, not only at the time of hiring but also to engage and retain talent. At the same time, respecting personal data privacy for all involved.

What we do

robin helps to verify CV assertions faster, both work and academic so that you have assurance on CV accuracy. But, fact checks only go so far. Someone holding a stellar MBA does not guarantee performance. Thus, we provide qualitative insights from people they have worked with, and overlay this with additional data-driven insights to introduce objectivity We combine industry-leading best practices with the flexibility of tailoring for your unique needs.

Our aim

Core to robin are three co-founders with a wealth of experience gained from 45+ years building teams in corporates, banks and start-ups. We understand the pain-points you’re going through. robin is the culmination of our shared commitment to improve that.