100-500 employees



Who we are

Connecting entrepreneurs and producing founders of great companies. We believe anyone with the right talent, drive and resources can change our world for the better. Research done by Harvard shows that second-time entrepreneurs are twice as successful at building companies than first-time entrepreneurs. We asked ourselves, why?

The answer is simple; we have access to better cofounders, better access to capital, and a better network of advisors and mentors.

Antler provides every founder with access to these key ingredients to help them build great companies the first time.


Competitive Compensation Growth Culture

What makes up a great co-founder team?

We believe that the #1 reason behind successful companies is the setup of the co-founder teams. The right mix of the right people is what transforms a great idea into a great company.

Antler’s vision and reason for being

We believe that there are more opportunities than ever to innovate and address the world’s largest challenges and opportunities. The cost of starting a company and developing technology is going down rapidly, and addressable markets are growing fast due to increased connectivity and globalisation.